Fragrance. Every complex olfactory expression is like the creation of music and whether we love a particular scent or not, it never fails to provoke and enhance deep emotions.

Just like a sweet symphony, a fugue or a pop song, multiple notes are used to create a fragrance. Perfumers orchestrate their compositions on a fragrance organ. A host of scents are passionately selected, just the way musical compositions are created.

According to Françoise Donche, House of Givenchy “Fragrance Expert” for over twenty years, the creation of a fragrance also closely resembles the work of a painter creating a portrait. A fan of Gustav Klimt and his pointillism approach of unfolding a symbolic piece of artwork using hundreds of dots and Jackson Pollock and his “splash and splatter” style which favours a culmination of emotions, Donche draws distinct parallels to the creation of fragrance.

Like a brush stoke or a key strike on a piano, every note a fragrance encompasses and every emotion it evokes is unique as the fragrance itself – a work of art like no other.

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