What perfume should I wear for a first date?


It’s your first date. You’re nervous, your heart beats faster and you shudder with anticipation. Don’t panic! There’s no need to worry – at least when it comes to choosing the perfect date-night fragrance.

Be yourself! Delicious moments like this require a scent that melts into your skin and becomes part of you. A great option is to stick with what you know by wearing your usual fragrance.  Another is to try something new that really reflects your personality.

Here are some of my favorites and the personalities they fit best:

Cheerful and spontaneous:  Very Irrésistible

Graceful, elegant and sophisticated: Eau Demoiselle de Givenchy

Lively, fun and carefree: Play!

Mysterious and seductive: Ange ou Démon Le secret

Feminine and flirty: Organza

Glamorous with refined elegance: Hot Couture

Charming and gracious: Amarige

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